StayDolled is more than a clothing brand, it is a women’s fashion brand that offers outstanding quality but affordable exclusive clothing, specialising in creating elegant one-piece designs for every occasion. We have consciously chosen one-piece suits because they are something that can be a necessity for the day, but can also effortlessly become glamorous evening-wear. We aim to portray simplicity and minimalism through the brand, by offering a wide selection of fashionable, figure-flattering and sophisticated clothing.

The term ‘stay dolled’ is to promote the idea of feeling your best; women love to feel dolled up, nurtured and secure. A confident woman is fearless and can overcome any obstacles in her way. StayDolled intends to drive these ideals through our brand narrative, and the upmost care and nurturing that goes into creating our garments.

We cater to the modern-day woman who endeavours to feel confident, sassy and at their best, which amalgamates not just the young 20 year old starting off in life, but also the valiant lady who has just had a baby and would like to feel sexy again. Women want to feel their best and fashion is not only a physical expression, but also a psychological state of mind which evokes confidence, power and faith.